About Ferreira Service Inc.

FSI is one of the largest HVAC service and maintenance contractors in California. We serve a broad range of larger HVAC system operators across the entire state, including Utilities, Cities, Municipal Districts, State Agencies, Commercial Buildings and Property Management Firms, and other Large Facility Managers.

FSI handles approximately 1000 service requests per month in addition to performing routine preventative maintenance for over 600 commercial maintenance accounts, all with a guaranteed a two-hour response time to all requests throughout the state of California.

We also offer complete engineering and energy-efficiency auditing and system design services, which integrate fully with our skilled installation and service teams.

FSI is keenly focused on the delivery of reliable and cost-efficient long-term solutions to offer a better alternative to post-warranty system service and support. By delivering all of these services “under one roof,” FSI is able to guaranteed performance that delivers the comfort you expect and deserve at the lowest energy cost.

FSI is an WMBE, CPUC Certified Business

FSI is certified as a women, minority owned business, and is eligible to meet procurement goals of organizations seeking WBE, MBE, WMBE or DV certified service providers. Under these provisions, we work with Southern California Edison and California Water Service Company for repairs, unit replacement and maintenance. If you have similar requirements, we are experienced in working with your Diversity Procurement Officer or Section to ensure compliance with any certification guidelines.

Contracting & Engineering License Information

  • C-4 Boiler & Steam fitting
  • C-10 Electrical
  • C-20 Heating, Ventilating, & Air conditioning
  • C-38 Refrigeration
  • C-43 Sheet Metal


  • #375085 Mechanical Contractor
  • #1384 Control System engineering
  • #M29005 Mechanical Engineering

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