Cypress contracted Ferreira Service, Inc. (FSI ) to conduct an investment grade energy audit at Building #6, focusing on the HVAC system. The trend-and data-logging resulted in more than 70 recommendations to improve energy efficiency, none of which required major equipment investment. The results were astounding:

Cypress cut its energy costs by 43 percent in the first year, thanks to an innovative audit system that delivered better control for heating and air conditioning usage. The savings for Building #6 was particularly amazing because the building was two years old. Originally designed to hold a data center as well as office space, it is now being used strictly as office space. However, the heating and air conditioning units were designed to handle the exacting nature that data centers need.

But what caught the attention of GE and Cypress was Ferreira’s willingness to guarantee its findings. “There
are numerous companies that offer energy audits, including Pacific Gas & Electric Co., but no One so far has offered to guarantee its results,” noted Cypress facility manager Kevin Kassekert. Ferreira representatives were willing to guarantee Cypress the $1. 1 million savings, promising to make up the difference themselves
if that savings wasn’t achieved.